Choices – Are you playing your part or someone elses ?

We each live our lives making choices everyday, several maybe hundreds of times everyday.
Do we go here or do that?
How do we feel and react to news from a doctor or the stresses at home or work?
What about when someone you love is struggling, or a child is sick or hurt?

These are all everyday things that we all face but we respond uniquely because of the individuality of each of us.

Sometimes we fight, sometimes we flee. Other times we run to a friend or family member for help. We pray or read our Bibles to get spiritual insight.
We may laugh, we may cry neither is right or wrong, each is needed at one time or another.
But as this whirlwind of pressure, confusion, distraction, fear and ever-changing emotions rages on around us on every side. What’s the right thing to do ? Is there an absolute right thing in every situation of life?
There is, but it’s not a formula or a chart you can pull out and look at. It’s not found in what a neighbor say, a family member, your best friend or even your pastor. It is what that still small voice of God say. Is He calling for you to run, or to draw closer to Him for comfort and protection. Is He letting you know all is well and to just enjoy the green grass now and not to be concerned with what’s over the next hill. Or maybe He’s saying enough is enough and it’s time to stand your ground, walk in the authority that He has given you to stand and defend your place.
We can only know what is right for us to do when we know Him, and we are attune to His voice, to hear His instructions. We each have a role and a responsibility in life and it may change at different stages of our lives.
We have to be in a relationship with God and respond from that place of relationship. To keep our eyes focused on Him, to know His voice and be listening for and to it.

We can be safe and victorious in and through whatever is coming at us if we will Hear and Obey Him.

We need to also remember that His instructions to me in a situation may be very different from His instructions to you in the same kind of situation. We have to remember that He knew all and sees all, therefore if we will follow His direction it will be like a great orchestra, everyone playing their own part and using their own instrument and the unity of us each executing our part will be a beautiful symphony of life; reflecting the direction and wisdom of the master conductor.

We need to trust Him to know when its time for the clash of cymbals, the flitting flight of the flute, the deep stance of the baritone, or the running rip of the sax. Looking at our lives individually the clash or flit may seem to harsh or to soft and free; but if we trust, listen and obey the instruction meant for us we will get through to the end.

So let’s expand our focus from the current situations in each of our lives and how we can deal with it and fix our eyes on Him. Who is not at all surprised or caught off guard by what’s going on but knew it was coming and had our part written out and prepared for us before time began: so that our lives would be complete and fully reflective of His instruction in the end.

Please don’t misunderstand and think I’m saying God causes all these bad, hard or stressful things to happen. Sin and the sinful nature of a fallen world is the cause of hardship and troubles in our lives.

“ ‘For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the LORD, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.” JEREMIAH‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Yet we can overcome and get through them without being destroyed by them. If and only if we are in relationship with God, by accepting the sacrifice of His Son, that paid the price for each of us.


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