The Great Exchange

Sometimes I think we get so tied up in everyday life that we forget something very important. The fact that we are not in this alone. That we have a choice no matter what the situation is, we have a choice; and we don’t have to make that choice alone.

Situations and relationship in families, homes, work , friends, neighbor’s, the news of the day, the latest political statement by anyone; all can cause emotions, thought patterns, and hit our triggers causing us pain, strife, anger even a physical response or diseases. All a bit over whelming at times, but as a Christian do we really have to ride this roller coaster? Are there choices we can make that would help us stay on a more even plain?

I think we can, but I don’t mean that those things won’t happen or that it will be easy. Rather that there is a Great Exchange that we have the choice of accepting or not. See if we have accepted Christ as our Savior then we can release the fear, anxiety, disappointment and our past failures to Him. He will gladly and willingly take them and exchange them for His rest, peace, wholeness, righteousness and forgiveness; that He already paid for.

Do we really allow ourselves to understand that He Loves Us! Has loved us since before time began. Knew us then and now and knows everything we have ever done or will ever do. Choose us anyway! Choose us to be born and live NOW in this time, during this era of history. He wanted us for this time, to love us, to spend time with us, to flow thru us because we are the perfect fit for what He wants to do Right Now! Right Where We Are!

The question comes down to will / do we Trust Him? Do we really believe all that He has says about us, that we are His beloved, His longed for Bride. Do we realize that we are always in His thoughts and on His mind?

Let’s take / make time today and everyday to spend in His presence. To spend time resting in, talking to and listening to Him.

Let’s see how our lives and those around us will be changed.

Are you ready to go on an adventure and explore this great exchange?